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The hottest week ever recorded.

What does this mean for the planet?

Hotter weather has never been recorded.

The UN says the first week of July had the highest average global temperature ever measured.

This could have significant effects on the planet.

Hurricanes, tropical cyclones, drought, and heavy rain could all become more likely as a result.

We're experiencing Earth's hottest weather in 120,000 years, and it's just getting started.

So, the Earth is at the warmest it's been in 120,000 years.

That's since before the last Ice Age.

Now, the expression we're looking at is 'just getting started'.

Phil, we've just got started with this programme. Is that what are we talking about here?

Well, when we use 'just getting started' in this way, what we really mean is that there is a lot to come, and in the case of this story, it's all negative.

Yes, this article is saying that while the current high temperatures are bad news, they're only going to get worse, much worse.

In fact, they're just getting started.

Now, we can use this as well for positive things as well.

So, for example, we've got a lot of things we can tell you about English and we're just getting started.

... I'm enjoying this new job, and I'm just getting started...

'Uncharted territory:' UN declares first week of July world's hottest ever recorded.

Now, we're going to look at the expression 'uncharted territory'.

That makes me think of pirates, explorers, the ocean...

Well, pirates, explorers in the ocean, anyone like that — they all use charts, which are like maps, so 'uncharted territory', that means it's not on any maps.

It is a place that no one's been to before, or at least they haven't made a map of it yet.

And here, it's a metaphor.

So, in terms of the weather, we are seeing things that we've never seen before — we're in 'uncharted territory'.

That means there's no maps or anything to tell us what to do next.

We can use this to talk about anything we haven't worked out how to deal with yet.

So, when we think about people using AI to cheat in exams, we're in 'uncharted territory'.

... We can't predict the implications of this new technology. We're in uncharted territory...

Record-breaking heat scorches communities around the world.

Now, this headline is from an article that focuses on the impact of these high temperatures.

The word we're looking at is 'scorch'.

That's all about heat, right?

Yes, it is.

Now, for example, I ironed a shirt this morning, but I left the iron on it for too long and it maybe burnt a mark on the shirt. It's a scorch mark.

If you scorch something, you burn the surface of something with extreme heat.

You're obviously not wearing that shirt then!

Now the headline is talking about the effects of extreme heat on people living in different places around the world, and it doesn't literally mean that the people are being burnt, but it is definitely having a negative impact on them.

Now, another metaphorical use of 'scorch' is to criticise strongly, so people can be damaged by heat or people can be scorched by criticism.

Well, I hope we don't get scorched in the comments in this episode of News Review.

... Oh no! I scorched my shirt with the iron...

We've had: just getting started — there's more to come.

Uncharted territory — something not experienced before.

Scorches — damages with heat.

Now, if you want to learn more about last year's heatwave which affected many parts of the world, click on this video.

# Key Points

  1. Record-Breaking Temperatures 破纪录的温度

    • The UN reported the highest global average temperature ever recorded in the first week of July.
    • Implications include increased likelihood of extreme weather events such as hurricanes, cyclones, droughts, and heavy rainfall.
  2. Historical Significance 历史意义

    • Current temperatures mark the hottest period in 120,000 years, surpassing even the time before the last Ice Age.
      目前的气温标志着 12 万年来最热的时期,甚至超过了上一个冰河时代之前的时期。
    • The phrase 'just getting started' implies that the current situation is likely to worsen in the future.
      “刚刚开始” 一词意味着当前的情况未来可能会变得更糟。
  3. Uncharted Territory 未知领域

    • The term 'uncharted territory' refers to a situation or area that has not been experienced or mapped before.
      “未知领域” 一词是指以前未经历过或未绘制过的情况或区域。
    • It signifies uncertainty and lack of guidance, often used metaphorically to describe complex or unprecedented situations.
  4. Scorches and Damages 烧焦和损坏

    • 'Scorches' refers to damaging something with intense heat, but in a metaphorical sense, it can also relate to strong criticism or negative impact.
      “烧焦” 指的是用高温损坏某物,但在隐喻意义上,它也可以与强烈的批评或负面影响有关。

# Vocabulary and Usage

  1. Hottest week ever recorded 有记录以来最热的一周
    This unprecedented rise in temperatures poses significant challenges for the planet's climate stability.
  2. Unprecedented 前所未有
    The current global warming is causing unprecedented environmental changes.
  3. Extreme weather events 极端天气事件
    The increase in average temperature could lead to more frequent and severe hurricanes and cyclones.
  4. Historical milestone 历史里程碑
    The recorded temperatures mark a historical milestone in Earth's climate history.
  5. Just getting started 刚刚开始
    The negative consequences of rising temperatures are expected to escalate, indicating a dire future.
  6. Negative implications 负面影响
    The escalating temperatures have negative implications for ecosystems and human well-being.
  7. Uncharted territory 未知领域
    Dealing with the impacts of climate change is like navigating uncharted territory, with no clear path to follow.
  8. Metaphorical use 隐喻用法
    The term 'uncharted territory' can also be metaphorically applied to technological advancements where the implications are unclear.
    “未知领域” 一词也可以隐喻地应用于含义尚不清楚的技术进步。
  9. Scorches 焦土
    The scorching heat has led to droughts and crop failures in many regions.
  10. Negative impact 负面影响
    Rising temperatures are having a negative impact on agriculture, water resources, and health.
  11. Climate crisis 气候危机
    The world is currently facing a severe climate crisis due to unprecedented temperature increases.
  12. Unpredictable consequences 不可预测的后果
    The effects of climate change are vast and unpredictable, affecting ecosystems and societies worldwide.

# Sentences

# Speaking

  • The article discusses the unprecedented rise in global temperatures, which has led to extreme weather events like hurricanes and heavy rainfall.

  • We're entering uncharted territory in terms of climate change, where the challenges we face have no historical precedent.

  • The scorching heatwaves have taken a toll on communities, damaging crops and causing water shortages.

# Writing

  • The recent report from the UN highlights an alarming trend of record-breaking temperatures, implying that the planet is facing an unprecedented challenge in its history.

  • As temperatures continue to rise, we find ourselves navigating uncharted territory, struggling to predict and mitigate the far-reaching consequences of climate change.

  • The scorching heat not only damages crops and ecosystems but also metaphorically scorches our efforts to address this pressing global issue.