# Summary

The purpose of this assignment is to fully replace our prior Servlet/JSP work from Lab 4 - Web Applications, Servlet and JSP with JSF functionality.

# Requirements

# Documentation

No writeup required for Lab 8

# Database Setup

Use your itmd4515 database and user from Lab 2 - Setup and Introductory Webapp.

# Project Setup

Your uid-fp repository should already be setup, and you should continue pushing your commits into GitHub for this lab.  Use a prefix of Lab 8 on your commit messages so I can distinguish them from other labs.

Deviating from the package convention given above will mean that you can not benefit from Sonar and other automated tools, and I will not be able to fix this. Please follow the specification!

# Project Requirements

You should add these changes to your uid-fp project.

Make sure you are following standard Java naming conventions. Please review the following if you are not sure what those naming conventions are:
确保您遵循标准的 Java 命名约定。如果您不确定这些命名约定是什么,请查看以下内容:

  • Java 8 Pocket Guide by Patricia Liguori, Robert Liguori - Chapter 1. Naming Conventions
  • Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language - 9 Naming Conventions (dated, but still correct)
    You are welcome to follow the design and patterns I used in my examples, but if you find yourself doing so please make sure you provide a reference in your javadoc comments and/or Confluence page explaining that you based your project on “Instructor Example” or “Example from Web.” Always provide references and citations when you use ideas from other sources.  Don't copy and paste my code, however, you need to adapt designs and patterns to your own projects and actually write the code yourself.
    欢迎您遵循我在示例中使用的设计和模式,但是如果您这样做,请确保在 javadoc 注释和 / 或 Confluence 页面中提供参考,以说明您的项目基于 “教师示例” 或 “来自网络的示例。” 当您使用其他来源的想法时,请务必提供参考和引用。不要复制和粘贴我的代码,但是,您需要根据自己的项目调整设计和模式,并亲自编写代码。
  1. As demonstrated in class, replace your Lab 4 - Web Applications, Servlet and JSP functionality with corresponding JSF components:
    1. Remove any lingering Servlet, JSP or related code.
      删除所有的 Servlet,JSP 或相关代码。
    2. Create a JSF backing bean (named and scoped bean) named FooController (where Foo is the name of your entity)
      创建一个名为 FooController 的 JSF 支持 bean(命名和作用域 bean)(其中 Foo 是您实体的名称)
    3. Create a JSF template as demonstrated in class.
      创建一个 JSF 模板,如在课堂上演示的那样。
    4. Create the following JSF pages as JSF template clients:
      创建一个 JSF 模板,如在课堂上演示的那样。
      1. A JSF form to create your entity.  This should use a commandButton to invoke an action method inside the JSF controller/backing bean.  I also used h:message tags to display corresponding output to the user.  The action method used my EJB create method.
        用于创建您的实体的 JSF 表单。这应该使用 commandButton 来调用 JSF 控制器 / 支持 Bean 内的操作方法。我还使用了 h:message 标签向用户显示相应的输出。动作方法使用了我的 EJB 创建方法。
      2. My confirmation page just displayed fields from the saved entity
      3. That's it for now!
  2. Please feel free to use Sonar to analyze your code before submitting.  I have created Sonar projects for everyone.
  3. Submit to Blackboard
    1. Right your uid-fp project and select "Clean"
    2. Go to your NetBeans Projects directory.  Create a zip file of the uid-fp folder and submit it to the Blackboard assignment.