# Questions

  1. What are good practices for testing within the development life cycle?

    • Early test analysis and design. 早期测试分析和设计。
    • Different test levels are defined with specific objectives. 针对具体目标定义不同的测试级别。
    • Testers will start to get involved as soon as coding is done. 编码完成后测试者就开始参与。
    • A and B above.


  2. Which option best describes objectives for test levels with a life cycle model?

    • Objectives should be generic for any test level. 对于任何测试级别,目标都应该是通用的。
    • Objectives are the same for each test level. 每个测试级别的目标是相同的。
    • The objectives of a test level don’t need to be defined in advance. 测试级别的目标不需要提前定义。
    • Each level has objectives specific to that level. 每个级别都有特定于该级别的目标。


  3. Which of the following is a test type?

    • Component testing 组件测试
    • Functional testing 功能测试
    • System testing 系统测试
    • Acceptance testing 验收测试


  4. Which of the following is a non functional quality characteristic?

    • Feasibility 可行性
    • Usability 可用性
    • Maintenance 维护
    • Regression 回归


  5. Which of these is a functional test?

    • Measuring response time on an on-line booking system. 测量在线预订系统的响应时间。
    • Checking the effect of high volumes of traffic in a call-center system. 检查呼叫中心系统中高流量的影响。
    • Checking the on-line bookings screen information and the database contents against the information on the letter to the customers. 对照客户信函信息核对网上订票画面信息及数据库内容。
    • Checking how easy the system is to use. 检查系统的易用性。
  6. Which of the following is a true statement regarding the process of fixing emergency changes?

    • There is no time to test the change before it goes live, so only the best developers should do this work and should not involve testers as they slow down the process. 在变更上线之前没有时间进行测试,所以只有最好的开发人员应该做这项工作,而不应该涉及测试人员,因为他们会减慢过程。
    • Just run the retest of the defect actually fixed. 只需运行实际修复的缺陷的重新测试。
    • Always run a full regression test of the whole system in case other parts of the system have been adversely affected. 始终运行整个系统的完整回归测试,以防系统的其他部分受到不利影响。
    • Retest the changed area and then use risk assessment to decide on a reasonable subset of the whole regression test to run in case other parts of the system have been adversely affected. 重新测试更改的区域,然后使用风险评估来决定整个回归测试的合理子集,以便在系统的其他部分受到不利影响的情况下运行。
  7. A regression test:

    • Is only run once. 只运行一次。
    • Will always be automated. 永远是自动化的。
    • Will check unchanged areas of the software to see if they have been affected. 会检查软件的未更改区域,看看它们是否受到影响。
    • Will check changed areas of the software to see if they have been affected. 将检查软件更改的区域,以查看它们是否受到影响。
  8. Non-functional testing includes:

    • Testing to see where the system does not function correctly. 测试去查看系统无法正常运行的地方。
    • Testing the quality attributes of the system including reliability and usability. 测试系统的质量属性,包括可靠性和可用性。
    • Gaining user approval for the system. 获得用户对系统的认可。
    • Testing a system feature using only the software required for that function. 仅使用该功能所需的软件来测试系统功能。
  9. Beta testing is:
    Beta 测试是:

    • Performed by customers at their own site. 由客户在他们自己的站点执行。
    • Performed by customers at the software developer’s site. 由客户在软件开发商现场执行。
    • Performed by an independent test team. c. 由独立的测试团队执行。
    • Useful to test software developed for a specific customer or user 用于测试为特定客户或用户开发的软件

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