# Question

  1. Which of the following artefacts can be examined by using review techniques?

    • Software code 软件代码
    • Requirements specification 要求规范
    • Test designs 测试设计
    • All of the above 上述所有的
  2. Which statement about the function of a static analysis tool is true?

    • Gives quality information about the code without executing it. 在不执行代码的情况下提供有关代码的质量信息。
    • Checks expected results against actual results. 根据实际结果检查预期结果。
    • Can detect memory leaks. 可以检测内存泄漏。
    • Gives information about what code has and has not been exercised. 提供有关已执行和未执行哪些代码的信息。
  3. Which is not a type of review?

    • Walkthrough 走查
    • Inspection 审查
    • Informal review 非正式评审
    • Management approval 管理审批
  4. What statement about reviews is true?

    • Inspections are led by a trained moderator, whereas technical reviews are not necessarily. 审查由训练有素的主持人带领,而技术评审则不一定。
    • Technical reviews are led by a trained leader, inspections are not. 技术评审由训练有素的领导带领,检查不是。
    • In a walkthrough, the author does not attend. 在走查中,作者没有参加。
    • Participants for a walkthrough always need to be thoroughly trained. 走查的参与者总是需要接受彻底的培训。
  5. What is the main difference between a walkthrough and an inspection?

    • An inspection is led by the authors, while a walkthrough is led by a trained moderator. 审查由作者带领,而走查由训练有素的主持人带领。
    • An inspection has a trained leader, while a walkthrough has no leader. 审查有训练有素的领导,而走查没有领导。
    • Authors are not present during inspections, while they are during walkthroughs. 在审查期间,作者不在场,在走查期间在场。
    • A walkthrough is led by the author, while an inspection is led by a trained moderator. 走查由作者带领,而审查由训练有素的主持人带领。
  6. Which of the following characteristics and types of review processes belong together?

    1. Led by the author 作者带领
    2. Undocumented 无证
    3. No management participation 无管理层参与
    4. Led by a trained moderator or leader 由训练有素的主持人或领导者带领
    5. Uses entry and exit criteria 使用进入和退出标准
      s. Inspection 审查
      t. Technical review 技术评审
      u. Informal review 非正式评审
      v. Walkthrough 走查
    • s = 4, t = 3, u = 2 and 5, v = 1
    • s = 4 and 5, t = 3, u = 2, v = 1
    • s = 1 and 5, t = 3, u = 2, v = 4
    • s = 5, t = 4, u = 3, v = 1 and 2
  7. What statement about static analysis is true?

    • With static analysis, defects can be found that are difficult to find with dynamic testing. 通过静态分析,可以发现动态测试难以发现的缺陷。
    • Compiling is not a form of static analysis. b. 编译不是静态分析的一种形式。
    • When properly performed, static analysis makes functional testing redundant. 如果执行得当,静态分析会使功能测试变得多余。
    • Static analysis finds all faults. 静态分析发现所有故障。
  8. Which of the following statements about early test design are true and which are false?

    1. Defects found during early test design are more expensive to fix. 在早期测试设计中发现的缺陷修复起来成本更高。
    2. Early test design can find defects. 早期的测试设计可以发现缺陷。
    3. Early test design can cause changes to the requirements. 早期的测试设计可能会导致需求发生变化。
    4. Early test design takes more effort. 早期的测试设计需要更多的努力。
    • 1 and 3 are true. 2 and 4 are false.
    • 2 is true. 1, 3 and 4 are false.
    • 2 and 3 are true. 1 and 4 are false.
    • 2, 3 and 4 are true. 1 is false.
  9. Static code analysis typically identifies all but one of the following problems. Which is it?

    • Unreachable code 无法访问的代码
    • Undeclared variables 未声明的变量
    • Faults in the requirements 需求中的错误
    • Too few comments 评论太少

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